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Project Description
Do you have mess in you tv serial files ? Every file has different odd name and you really don't want rename them manually ? This little software tries do it for you. It also can lookup for episode titles on the internet sites and include them in new file names.

Project is at early stages of development, so there probably is a lot of bugs and ideas to implement. Please write any suggestions in General talk and ideas and report bugs in Issue Tracker.

These first versions of application works at colorless console window with interaction only from the keyboard. No installation is needed. Just place single exe file to your root folder with other subfolders, where each that folder contains files for serial. Run the application with name of folder as command line parameter a let the program do all work. See example of usage

In first steps program is searching specified folder and tries recognize every files by parsing their names and extensions. It needs to find number of season and episode for successful work (supported formats listed below). It also supports subtitles files and can even assign them to video files if has different name. Meantime in background it's looking to remote server and tries parse information about episode titles. If this is not successful, titles are not used for renaming operations.

Before actual renaming, you can review what will be renamed to what and confirm that or exit program if it's not correct. Files are even divided into season folders like Season 1, Season 2, etc...

.NET Framework 3.5

Supported filename formats
Most of common naming is included.

  • 01x05 (season 1, episode 5)
  • S03E22 (season 3, episode 22)
  • 2-08 (season 2, episode 8)
  • 413 (season 4, episode 13)

Known extensions
Video files: avi, mpg, wmv, mkv, mp4
Subtitle files: srt, sub, txt

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